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For me mentoring is one of the main ways that I give back. It brings a lot of joy and satisfaction while helping young people set, align and achieve their goals. Charlotte, one of my mentees, calls me "Mr Mentorvator".


To the right is my "mind map" for my mentoring:

Established Business People

  • Helping solve issues
  • Growing them
  • Putting them back on Track
  • Safe environment
  • Out of the Box thinking
  • Running


Young people

  • Feel good about themselves
  • Positive thinking
  • Goal setting


Young Enterprise

  • Entrepreneurial Track Kingston University
  • Mentor business idea
  • Give direction for the year
  • Mentor team for LSE Apprentice event


The Apprentice

  • Offer programme to Year 9
  • Be a judge


Start ups

  • Goal setting
  • Feel good about themselves
  • Help with Business Plan
  • Invest

Brian... just wanted to say that you really gave me a kick up the arse when we talked at John's party and I thought a lot about what you said — and yes I think I have been coasting along in my career and too often taking the easy option (TV acting) — so anyhow, here I am back at The National Theatre after 3 years — and totally out of my "comfort zone" — playing an American politician — and STRETCHING myself again. Nerve wracking to be honest, but in a good way. So anyhow, THANKS for that conversation - got me thinking!

quotationmarksquotes1- Nick Sidi - Actor

Speech on Mentoring & Starting a Business:


Speech on Entrepreneurship and International Opportunities:

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You don't know how much our conversation has helped me to feel less like I'm spinning! I feel relieved and excited to go on a retreat and get a plan in motion. You were soooo helpful - as usual!


I will keep in touch about my efforts to "get it wrote!" My goal is to have a direction by the beginning of summer. I'm actually feeling very positive.

Brian was very useful and helpful, the feedback he provided me with was excellent. When I made the changes he also went through it again. He also provided me with feedback on issues he found with the project which I did not think of and that was also very helpful.

- Dermot

I found Brian extremely helpful. The experience of meeting him alone was very advantageous as it helped me prepare for future interviews. He tested me as a prospective employer would.

He also gave me some invaluable advice and a step by step path to get to where I want to be.

Thank you very much...

- Sarah

Hi Brian, Thank you for seeing me today and agreeing to being my mentor, I really do appreciate it. I am grateful for the advice that you gave to me and have taken it all on board and working on them already. Thank you Yuliana for putting me in touch with Brian, I feel good about the future.

Kind regards, Alleo


Thanks, you have given me a real lift! ... I was very touched by your story and journey. You come across as very real, open and with immense humanity.

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